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Issue No. 88 | February 2020

Safari Magazine (English)

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Nipah: Tale of a deadly virus

Know about the origins and devastation brought by a deadly virus and how animals like bats act as a carrier. Viruses destroy the cellular structure of the body of the infected person to multiply. Major medicine makers are from developed countries and ignore these epidemics because developing countries are the hardest hit.

Chased by global warming, trees are packing up and moving

Forests have moved from one place to another to adapt to the climatic conditions. The rise of the average temperature of the earth under the Greenhouse Effect is forcing the forests to move from lower latitudes to higher latitudes and regain their original homeland.

Bombay: when it rained death, and a horse ran headless

The explosion in a 7,142-tonne British ship at Bombay harbour had sent tremors as far away as Shimla. British plan to launch an aerial attack on Japanese in the Andaman Islands never took off as a result of this massive detonation.

Why magnetic north pole has suddenly got itchy feet?

Magnetic poles of the earth are not static and are constantly on the move. How scientists discovered this phenomenon and why the community of scientists were initially reluctant to approve it?

Making wire by extrusion

Learn of the past and present practises for making a metal wire, that has become a part of your daily routine.


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