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Issue no. 93 | July 2020

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The first- rate ‘Swadeshi’ fighter jet that lost out to ‘import lobby’

The arrival of the first contingent of French-made Rafale aircraft has generated national wide euphoria, and the media hype has soared of cloud nine overshadowed by the rejoicing is the harsh fall that move than six decades after the independence, we are still the largest importers of armaments. Billions of dollars shelled out for the French aircraft is the sad commentary on our apathy towers self-sufficiency to stack the nation’s armour.

Read in this issue of SAFARI about how the superb flyer and fighter fell victim to treachery, and you’ll have read about all the other shaming examples of ‘sabotage the Swadeshi’ great game.

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Walking tall, but floored by physics

The case of an elegant restaurant that won’t let in the ‘well-heeled’ ladies for dinner.
What about a 5,000 kg African elephant? That’s altogether a different matter.

A posh restaurant in Republic of Estonia some time back placed a directive on the front door that read: ‘Ladies wearing high-heel footwear will henceforth excuse us. This restaurant has wooden floor.’

Remembering India’s First Postage Stamp before memory fades in this e-age

History of India’s postage stamps had begun in the era when the Dak Runners, as they were called, braved tigers and wolves to deliver letters to remote villages against nominal charge. After the advent of postage stamps, India’s postal history really took-off to register a glorious past. The issue of SAFARI carries a pictorial feature that looks back on those days.

How to quarantine the infective Thar desert?

On the western border of Rajasthan lies the formidable expanse of the Thar desert. It’s stark and grim, but it is also spectacular. Once securely enclosed in the west and to some extent in the south, the desert is no longer confined to its original bounds. It is spreading — and too fast. A countermeasure is now on cards.


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