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Issue no. 89 | March 2020

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Revenge raids. Are elephants eyeing humans for retribution?

Frequent cases of elephants destroying human habitats of farms have forced us to dwell into what are the exact causes of such violent and often deadly actions. It comes out that extreme torture of these giant beasts in captivity, utter indifference to their biological requirements, lack of rest as wells as constantly shrinking habitats is causing constant elephant – human conflict. Moreover, elephants have long term memory, do not forget their tormentors and strike at the first available opportunity.

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Battle of Waterloo: when tooth is stranger than fiction

Napoleon’s last war brought a permanent end to his ambitions, but it fuelled greed of many persons. It was tragic for the French emperor for another reason as well, which is a lesser known. The battle went down in the history books also for solving a ‘teething’ problem in USA and Britain. Its story also portrays how intemperance compels humans to disregard the basic courtesy.

Hebrew language: once viewed as dodo, now reborn and robust

A story of self-esteem-led glorious revival by the Jewish community which, after being scattered in a number of countries for centuries together, made it rise like a phoenix. The establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 enabled Chaim Weizmann and Ben Gurion were determined to revive the lost glory of their language. The government then not only made Hebrew, that national language, but also conducted special programs for citizens to learn Hebrew.

Asteroid strike creates Shiva crater. Now: India strikes oil there

New researches now indicate that the cause of extinction of dinosaurs from the earth was closer home near India than the perceived theory that a hit by an asteroid near Mexico had brought an end to these giant reptiles. A strike by a far larger asteroid on the west coast of India also resulted in formation of Bombay High, which is one of the largest producers of crude petroleum and natural gas for India. The findings also put an end to a previous theory that it was the deposition of fossils of dead animals long ago in the earth’s crust, which resulted in formation of petroleum resources beneath earth’s surface.

Wikipedia: Reality that never was

Although Wikipedia is considered as one stop and the most convenient destination to get information from across the globe, there have been several hoax articles on one of most read online sites in the world. These articles managed to stay on the site for years, till someone noticed and got them corrected.


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