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Issue no. 92 | June 2020

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Origin of Viruses
Weighing up three interesting theories

All that scientists know is that a stork didn’t bring viruses. The rest is a mystery. Nevertheless, there are three interesting hypotheses that explain the origin of viruses. Each has a different story to tell. Since viruses are soft-bodied and do not leave fossils, hypotheses remain what they are—a hypothesis. However, they offer delectable food for thought.

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Bird's-eye view:
How avians see the world

Birds do not see the world around them in the way we humans do. Species wise, each bird’s eyes are endowed with faculties that enable it to survive and sustain itself in the natural habitat it lives in some of the visual faculties are worth looking into.

Li-ion Battery’s Lithium: The metal that floats on Water

Lithium, a key ingredient in the batteries that power smartphones, laptops and electric cars, was one of the three elements that were created soon after the Big Bang — the other two being hydrogen and helium. While these two are found in abundance, 75 percent of lithium is missing. Why? Find out more the ‘powerful’ feature.

Oddball Cars you Want Believe Once Existed

At the daybreak of the automobile era, many experimenters, giving free hand to their wishes – come horses, designed some outlandish cars. No, we are not talking about the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang kind. The cars were funny, crazy, oddballs, weird, freaky — and whichever other synonyms you can think of.


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